Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Monique DeMoulin Band

                                                      The Monique DeMoulin Band
                                                      Live at Neto's in Santa Clara, CA

         The Monique DeMoulin Band was formed in 2011when Monique decided to take her voice live. The line-up includes Lorenzo Soto on Drums, Paul Smeets on Keyboards and Guitar, Eric Alvarado on Bass, and Branden Retter on Lead Guitar.

" What I love the most about the band is the fact that we are all so close. Yea, rehearsals get a little crazy, and no one is excluded from being picked on, but we're all there for each other no matter what."

What's very unique about the Monique DeMoulin Band is each member sings, so they are able to perform live with multiple harmonies, even jumping in with lead vocals to give Monique's voice a break.

The Monique DeMoulin Band is a Top 40 Cover Band sprinkled with a few original tunes!
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