Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards!

With 2015 coming to an end, it seems appropriate that on the last day of the year I highlight the truly remarkable achievements of the last 12 months. In some ways, I'm still pinching myself!

January saw the release of my first all original album. I was over-the-moon excited. "9,000 Miles" was six months of hard work, dedication, and full support from my Grammy award-winning producer, Bill Hare. Oh, and a lot of love. Did I have a favorite track on the album? You bet I did. But wait till you hear what happened next!

In May I became a Recording Academy member. Thrilled really wouldn't cover my excitement. To have the opportunity to listen to music being submitted for a Grammy is an honor. To network with, and make important life long connections in the industry is priceless. Suddenly I had the opportunity to talk with the movers and shakers, artists I had not connected with before....and you know what I found amazing? They were so nice. Down to earth and happy to help me in any way.

And then in July......My song "Drive" (My favorite track) from the brand new album was submitted in the running for the 58th annual Grammy awards in the Best Rock Performance Category. (This is where I'm still pinching myself) Yes there were other Indie artists,  but here I was among AC/DC, Neil Young, Keith Urban ( Mr. Dreamy himself) and many others. I was excited, nervous, scared, all rolled up in a big ball of AWESOME!

You don't get much time to be dancing through the rainbows with butterflies, because now your main job is to promote your song to anyone and everyone you've connected with in the last two months. Voting members of the Recording Academy. From July until October, I estimate having sent out 500 CD's, along with 1850 personally addressed emails promoting my song to each voting member of the Recording Academy. It still makes me smile when I think of big names in the industry listening to my song and sending back their thoughts and congratulations on a job well done! We were basically all vying for the top five spots on the ballot for each category. If you made the top five, you are considered nominated. It was a long shot. But I had to try!

Simultaneously.....I was spending hours each day listening and keeping spread sheets of other submitted music. Giving my own feedback of their material. Wow...what an experience. I'm not alone in saying it was exhausting, but glorious and exciting too. It's something I will never forget.

At 5am on a very cold November morning, after hardly sleeping, I sat at my desk, waiting for the final nominees to be released via the Grammy website. One category at a time, like it was dial up internet they came down. "Song of the year," "Album of the year," "Artist of the year."...on and on. And there is was, Best Rock Performance!

My name wasn't there!!

I took a deep breath, and then smiled. There is a next year, and I'm very excited for all the final nominees, as I know how hard you have worked. And you bet I'll be right back at it next year! In fact, as of this writing, I have two more songs in the works, and a television interview getting ready to release. Much love to all of you that continue to support me on this crazy journey I call the music industry.

Until next time!