Saturday, June 29, 2013

Me and my crazy life!

I actually found time to watch a movie last night. I had never seen Julia and Julie, the story about a blogger who was working her way through the Julia Child cookbook. It did keep my attention, although several times I thought to myself," I should be actually doing something!" It did remind me that I needed to write in my own blog though. I'm surprised Cherie hasn't poked me with a reminder.

Life with the band is finally settling down. We've brought on a new Bass player, wait....I should probably back up. Two months ago the band went through a total reconstruction. Upon losing our drummer, (eh, it happens) we decided everyone would switch instruments. Yup! My Guitar player Lorenzo Soto is originally a drummer, so he moved to Drums. I will say, he kicks some major ass! My Bass player Eric Alvarado, who is originally a Guitar player moved to Guitar. Cutie pie Paul on keys is the only member that stayed where he was. (I've never seen Paul at a gig without a smile) This meant all we needed was a Bass player. Yea, back in the day Bass players were a dime a dozen. Where did they all go? We found Michael Riehle and we're essentially spending loads of time re-learning the same songs on different instruments. We did manage to pull off a couple gigs during this time, but hey, this is all a process right?

I've just finished recording a new song with Bill Hare that I'm totally excited about. "The Box" has been an emotional ride for me since shelving it two years ago, but I was able to come back to it finally and it sounds really great. I'm anticipating it's release in July. They say that every musician has a few songs that sit on the shelf till their ready. This would be the case with "9,000 miles" as well. While "The Box" is barely in the can, Bill and I have started another tune I've recently pulled from the vault, and it's coming along nicely. It's funny though how lyrics that seemed so cool a year ago sound stupid now. So as Bill works the music, I'm re-writing lyrics.

Life with the Label is....well, strenuous. Yea, that's a good word. I guess their working on a tour with Live Nation or something, so there's a push for me to finish all my original songs, hence the late hours, way too much coffee, ( If there is such a thing) and pushing myself to the limits in every aspect. But hey, be careful what you wish for right?

Oh, I met the love of my life too. Somehow in all the craziness THAT happened. At some point down the road I'll share the details, but for right now the details are all for me.

I hope that everyone is happy and enjoying the start of their summer.

See you soon!