Thursday, May 30, 2013

I found this on my Facebook wall this morning! Post from Mercury News, San Jose!

Milpitas hills producer helps San Jose vocalist advance career
Milpitas Post Staff
Posted:   05/29/2013 02:52:48 PM PDT

On the heels of the release of her newest single "Part-time Princess," vocalist and songwriter Monique DeMoulin of San Jose has also signed with Larchfork Publishing and Rock Garden Conspiracy LLC/Gold Pan Records as their newest recording artist.

DeMoulin, a disc jockey ("Missy D") for Jam City America, credits her original song "Part-time Princess" as the turning point of her career. It was produced by Grammy-winning producer Bill Hare, who lives in the Milpitas hills.

"This is such an exciting year for me," DeMoulin said. "With the independent release of 'Part-time Princess' on iTunes and, everything started to shift. I went to NAMM with my single in hand, my tiara in place and my dream in focus, and this part-time princess was determined to fully live her dream and I met Rick Tucker from Rock Garden Conspiracy, became a part of Jam City America, my song 'Part-time Princess' was opted to be used in a short film ('The Adventures of Shelby'), and before long, I signed on with Rock Garden/Gold Pan Records."

DeMoulin's current projects include her first EP, featuring her rendition of "Have I Told You," as well as original song, "The Box," a collaboration between DeMoulin and Tucker. Other songs in development include "Sober," "Slow Burn" and "Walk Away."

The EP will also include a duet with DeMoulin and Tucker on the song, "Sweet Memories."

DeMoulin is busy writing and working in the studio, and outside of that, performs with The Monique DeMoulin band.

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