Thursday, November 14, 2013

The next chapter

Sometimes along life's journey there are difficult choices
that we have to make to reach that ultimate goal you've set for yourself. It's important to keep that dream in sight, dogging the curve balls, and working hard to stay on course.

Recently I made the decision to dis member my band. It wasn't an easy decision since the guys and I are extremely close, but what I've come to realize lately is that my true love is to write. The ability to create a story that anyone can relate to, and then sit with my amazing Producer Bill Hare and give life to that story is something hard to describe. It's something you breathe and can't imagine being without.

I'm definitely not saying that I won't re-visit the band idea again,
I'm simply going to enjoy what I love the most for a while. There are so many songs just laying under the surface for me. It's time to let them out!


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