Sunday, October 7, 2012

From this moment forward

Writing for me has always been the easiest way for me to express myself, so when it was suggested to me I start a blog depicting my journey, it made sense. But where do you start? Let's not go backwards, that's not really my style, I'm goin with right here, right now! With a few pertinent flashbacks along the way!

My life is crazy! In a great way. When you make the commitment to pursue your passion, everything else takes a back seat. You spend huge amounts of time honing your craft, researching different avenues to showcase your craft, building doors to walk through when there isn't one in front of you, and building a network of Professionals that I have found offer their support and guidance as you wade through the mud.

There is no handbook for the music Industry. You try one avenue and if that doesn't work you try something else. It's a process. You stand on this platform and yell, "Here I'am" and hope someone notices. You rely on friends, family, and supporters to share your links, talk about your music, see your live shows, and hope you catch the eye of that one person in the Industry that can change your career.

Because I have this slow burn, this incredible drive that never leaves me, I push forward everyday, creating new ideas, writing new songs, storyboarding new videos, collaborating with other musicians, and performing live with the band.

But, this kind of drive comes with a down side as well. Of course I make the time for the special moments in life, but this kind of commitment requires a complete lifestyle change. You spend less time just hanging with your friends, and more time focusing on your dream. People don't always understand, I get that, but this is MY dream and no one can live it but me. I'm creating my path in life, and no one can walk it but me.

I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing.

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